Nosakhare Collins – HIASFEST Golden Award, 2024

Nosakhare collins is a Nigerian poet, publisher, editor, literary critic, documentary photographer, entrepreneur, and web developer. A graduate of Accounting from Ambrose Ali University, Nosakhare has authored four books, A Pilgrim of Songs (2018), A Song of Endless Flames (2021), When Ravens Become Flowers (2023), A Mouthful of Rivers (2023), and the forthcoming Symphony of Existential Profundity. He is a fellow of the Ebedi International Writers Residency and the current content editor of Mexodus Magazine.

As an accomplished writer of international repute, and Nosakhare’s works have been featured both in print and online. His writing has appeared in Maroko Magazine, Salmon Creek Journal, Wingless Dreamer Publisher, Odd Magazine,  Journal of Erato, Openwork Magazine, Libero America Poetry, Rejection Letter Journal, Ebedi Review, The Newcastle Review, New Telegraph, Least Bittern Books, Poetry Festival, Indian Periodical Journal, Writers Space Africa, Antarctica Journal, Litpoint Africa Magazine, Sevhage Review, Youth Shade Magazine, Alabama’s Best Emerging Poet Anthology 2019, Best “New” African Poets Anthology 2018, 2019 & 2020, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Africa vs Latin America Anthology 2020, A Collection of Poems – For Ikeogu, For Poetry: Anthology of Poems in Honour of Ikeogu Oke, 84 Delicious Bottle of Wine for Wole Soyinka Anthology, InnerChild Press Anthology 2020, OPA Anthology 2020, Songs For The Weaverbird: An Anthology of Writing and Art in Celebration of Christopher Okigbo, and several others. He was awarded in the 3rd Chinua Achebe Poetry/Essay Prize (2018) by The Society of Young Nigerian Writers and was longlisted for the 2020 Prof. Idris Amali Ekphrastic Poetry Prize by Nasara Creative. His works have been translated to French, Italian, Spanish, Hindu, and numerous other languages.

Nosakhare is the CEO/Founder of Libretto Publishers Limited, the parent publishing company of Libretto Magazine (a journal of arts), Libretto Bookstores (an independent bookstore for booklovers), and Omejele (an independent publishing majorly for children books). The organization has been dedicated to nurturing emerging writers in Nigeria and worldwide, aiming to foster their creative talents and help them expand their influence while showcasing their work. For over a decade, this initiative has recognized numerous creative writers and poets. These accolades include the annual International Chapbook Prize (known as the Libretto Chapbook Prize or LCP) and the Libretto African Anthology Prize (LAAP). Additionally, the initiative has hosted live and written discussions with notable individuals from around the world as part of its Author Hangout Series.

In 2023, Nosakhare established Purplink Tech, a company specializing in providing cutting-edge web development solutions. The core objective of Purplink Tech is to offer innovative and tailored web development services to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in today’s digital landscape. As an entrepreneur, Nosakhare believes in harnessing the power of technology and literature to create impactful and meaningful experiences for individuals and businesses. His journey as a publisher and author has instilled in him a deep appreciation for storytelling and effective communication, which he now translates into the world of technology. Through Purplink Tech, he strives to empower clients with the tools and solutions they need to succeed in the digital age, all while maintaining a strong commitment to creativity and excellence.

For his exemplary resourcefulness, creative enterprise,creation of artistic platforms and immeasurable commitment to the growth of art in Nigeria, Mr. Nosakhare would be honoured with a Golden Award for Art Administrators in Nigeria, in January, 2024, at HIASFEST.

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