Star Prize Winner – Abdulrazaq Salihu

Abdulrazaq Salihu, TPC I, is a Nigerian poet and member of the Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation. He was born and brought up in Minna where he did both his primary and secondary schools in Police Children School and Challenge International School respectively. He then proceeded to Nasarawa state to study Biotechnology at Mewar International University. He is a Gbagyi boy from Munya Local Government of Niger State.

He won the Splendours of Dawn poetry contest, BPKW poetry contest, Poetry Archive Poetry Contest, first runner up for the ARN POETRY CONTEST, Masks Literary Magazine Poetry Award, Nigerian Prize for teen authors(poetry), Hill-Top Creative Writing Award, and was a finalist for the ‘23 Lengthy Poetry Contest and others.

He has his works published/forthcoming in ANMLY, Stachion, BAM Quarterly, Eunoia Review, Subnivean, Better than Starbucks, Brittle Paper, Bracken, Poetry Quarter(ly), Rogue, B*k, Jupiter Review, Black Moon Magazine, Angime, Grub Street mag and elsewhere. He is a poetry intern at Eboquills, Fiery Scribe Review, OBBLT, as well as an editor at Teen Lit Journal. He is also the Vice President of NWF (Northern Writers Forum) and he tweets @Arazaqsalihu; instagram: Abdulrazaq._salihu. He is  the author of the chapbook Constellations (poetry) and Hiccups (Prose).

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