Pacella Chukwuma-Eke

Pacella Chukwuma- Eke is an eighteen years old poet, a short story/ song writer, an editor, and a poetry reader, from Ihembosi in Anambra State. In 2020, her poem “Anatomy of pain from a boy’s body” emerged as the winning entry for the Cradle poetry contest. It was also shortlisted amongst several others for its Issue I, a collection of poems curated by the Arts Lounge and named after her winning poem “Anatomy of Pain”. In December 2021, she was the joint winner of the Feast of Words On-The-Spot Poetry Contest and its Spoken-word Slam runner- up.

In 2022, she became a recipient of the 2nd position prize for the Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors Award, 2022(Poetry Category) and the HIASFEST 2022 Most Valuable Female Contestant. She was also the second runner up for the HIASFEST’s On-The-Spot Poetry Competition; the first runner-up for the BKPW Monthly Contest, twice; second runner- up for the “Breath of Colours” Poetry and Short Story Contest; longlisted in The Green We Left Behind Art and Photograph Contest; longlisted in the Sehvage/ Ksr Hyginus Ekwuazi Prize for Poetry; joint winner of the Abuja Duet Slam; winner of the Splendors of Dawn Poetry and Short Story Competition, August- October Edition; nominated for the Sundress Publications Best of Net 2023 and the 2022 Hiasfest Star Prize Awards; longlisted in the BPPC Monthly Contest, twice; winner of D’lit Review Monthly writing contest; winner of The Green We Left Behind Poetry Slam. Her poem, “I Do Not Wish To Carry So Much Burden,” won the Utopia Awards, Poetry Category. She has been featured on: The Young Professional Forum, Poet Talk Series, Our NigerianNews, Salamander Ink Free Verse Poetry Reading Series, In Conversation with Su’eddie Vershima Agema, NWF Author Session, Sell Markert Canival, Hiasfest 2023 “Promoting My Book, My Art.”

Some of her works have appeared or are forthcoming on the several literary spaces, including: Synchronised chaos magazine, Eunoia magazine, Full House Magazine, Roughcut Press, Poetry Soup, International Human Rights Arts Festival, Teenlit journal, Brittle Paper, Haven spec Issue Six, Star*line Magazine, Cajun mutt journal, Mywovenpoetry, Wax Poetry/ Africa Poetry Magazine, Beatnik Cowboy, World Vocies Magazine, Kalahari Review, Fevers of The Mind Journal, Salamander Ink Issue I, Gyroscope Review, D’lit Review, Lastleaves Magazine, Nixesmate Review, Strange Horizons, Rigorous, Poetry World #6, Arts Lounge Magazine, Panorama Review, Bacopa Literary Reivew, Eboquills, Konyashamsrumi, DearBooze Journal, The Rumen Submission, Canyon Voices, A Thin Slice of Anxeity Journal, Literary Cocktail Magazine, Icreatives Review, The Charity Anthology for Ukraine,The Green We Left Behind Poetry and Arts Anthology, Seventh Chinua Achebe Poetry/ Essay Anthology, The Poetical Sisterhood of Sylvia and Annie Anthology, Voices of Africa; A PAN- AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ART FESTIVAL ANTHOLOGY, Pixie and Pexel’s Love Portion, Roses for Cancer Warriors, MyRainbow book Poetry Collection, 2022 Poetry Marathon Anthology, The Brittle Paper Joy Anthology.

She is an editor at the Teenlit Journal and an Assistant Editor at the Arts Lounge Magazine. She judged the Book O’Clock Anniversary Prize and is a guest editor for its upcoming anthology.

She is proudly a member of the Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation, and The NextGenerational Poets. Pacella is the author of LOVE IN ITS BLISS AND SINS, and an introverted optimist. Pacella is currently studying Human Physiology in Uli, a foreign town in Eastern Nigeria.

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